Montag, 12. Mai 2014


Good Morning! I hope that you all are ready for a new week? But first start the morning with a healthy breakfast. When you liked my Berry Yogurt Smoothie last time, I hope you'll like this smoothie as well. 

It's called Peanut Banana Smoothie and it is exactly whats inside plus a little extra ingredient to make it liquid. This smoothie is more thicker and richer than the berry smoothie. But it tasts wonderful and gives you the vitamins you need.

You only need three ingredients for this delicious smoothie: two ripe bananas, about 2-3 tsp peanut butter and almond milk.

I hope you liked this smoothie as well and are as exited as I am to try some others.


Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014


As you may already saw on Instagram I drove with my friend Lisa to the Ingolstadt Village Outlet to do some shopping. Actually I just wanted to accompany her because she was searching for a new watch and I need to save my money anyways for San Francisco. But as the fate goes in the end I bought more things than Lisa did!

Do you know the brand 'Rituals'? I knew it but I never went inside a store. Ask me why - I don't know, because these stores are heaven! They have awesome products with even more better scents. So I decided to try some of their things. In the end I got a body scrub which smells simply heavenly, a bed and body mist which smells - as well - amazing and a cooling foot scrub, which you know... ;)

I can't wait to try all of these, because if they are as good as they smell, it would be perfect since they are besides totally affordable.

Have you ever tried some Ritual products? I'd love to hear which one you like!

Freitag, 9. Mai 2014


Long story in a few words: I'm going to SAN FRANCISCO! I can't believe that finally my dream will come true. I have been loving this city since I'm little. I loved to watch the TV show 'Full House' and 'Charmed' when I was little. My sister always used to watch both of these shows and just because I'm her younger sister I saw it with her. For my - I guess - 10th birthday I got a puzzle from my parents with the Golden Gate Bridge on it and when I was in High School I always did my presentations about SF or California when we were able to choose the topic on our own.
To be honest I've never been a big New York fan (don't get me wrong, because today I am) and I actually wanted to do my Language travel to the sunny westside but things changed and I decided to go to NY which wasn't a disappointment or wrong decision in any way.

Do you know those feelings when you just want to travel? Jump on a plane and go to a different place to escape the everyday life? Since I got home from NY I exactly have this feeling which wasn't always a good feeling. It was more a sad feelin because life isn't that simple to take a quick break for one or two months. I have a job, and I just moved into my own apartment, which means that I spend a lot of money for that. And a USA trip costs more than an apple.

But forget all the bad.. I finally managed it that I can go to San Francisco - the city I've ever dreamed of! Hope you can feel a little excitement for me, too :) 

I'm sharing more information about it soon! And of course I'll take you also this time along with me on my trip to SF!

btw: I opend a new Pinboard on my Pinterest about San Francisco. I'd love if you would follow me there, too :)

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014


I love to start the morning with something delicious that varies from day to day. The one day I like it classy with a glass of fresh orange juice and simple cereals, the other day I prefer a breakfast muffin and on another day I love to eat tons of fresh fruits.

Since I don't have a lot time in the morning and to be honest I don't want to spent half an hour in the kitchen preparing what I eat in less than 10 minutes, because - again - I don't have the time for a long, relaxing breakfast.

So sometimes I just prepare a bottle of smoothie the day before and keep it in the fridge until the next morning. Oh and usually there's no more left than one single glass for breakfast because I drank everything else the same evening I made it ;)

I just tried a new 'recipe' for a berry yogurt smoothie the other day which was soo good that I want to share it with you.

And here's what you need:


Dienstag, 22. April 2014


The 4 days off of work went definitely too fast. But I had a great one! We had family time barely all 4 days. On sunday I hosted my very own easter brunch for my family - that means 6 people and one dog. I began planning weeks before because I wanted to offer them some nice treats. Although I bought some nice decor for the table to make everything look more festive and easter-ish. Afterwards we took a loong walk in the big garden by the castle. On monday my grandma cooked lunch for us. The weather was simply brilliant that day so we went out to sit in her garden. I played with Sammy and it was just a nice day with my family! I hope you all had also wonderful days off. Let me know how you spent easter! :)

Here are some pictures of my brunch table!

btw I need something to hang on my wall next to my dining table urgent! It looks so sad and empty from this point of view.

 I covered some strawberries with dark chocolate! They were soo good :)

Mittwoch, 16. April 2014


150 days ago I jumped on the plane to New York. Oh boy, how I miss these times. Days full of exploring pretty new places, becoming friends with people from all around the globe, enjoying to live at an american family, dreaming, laughing and simply living the good life.
This time couldn't have been better! Oh how I miss my friends! Even though of times with facebook and instagram where you're able to talk to them and seeing how their live goes on makes me sad to know that I maybe won't see them again.

150 days later I have these memories where I start to laugh when I think about funny moments. Where I have to smile when I see these pictures and where I simply can't believe that this really happened to me.

150 days later where I feel like I grew up. Where I managed my life abroad day for day on my own. Where I walked, explored, and solve problems in a city I've never been before - and where I learned to do my laundry on my own ;) I think I grew up in NY.

150 days later I want to share with you my absolute favorite pictures of all - my best memories - of NEW YORK.

 New York, I love you

Sonntag, 13. April 2014


There are a handfull of different flea markets in my area through the year but only some of them are worth the visit.
I really like flea markets because you can always find some absolutely amazing and unique old things but mostly the vendors try to sell things which I would really recommand them to throw them in the litter than to bring them to the market. It's sad. Cause that's what I absolutely loved in NY. There are sooo many flea markets and I wish that I would have had more time so that I would've been able to visit some more. But the Brooklyn Winter Flea which I visited was so amazing that I spent almost 3 hours there. If you missed the post about it - klick here.

So yesterday we had a night flea market in my city. I actually wanted to go there with my friend Lisa but unfortunately she had an other appointment so she hadn't enough time to come with me. In the end my mom wanted to join me so I went with her. We came a little late so a lot of vendors already packed there stuff to go home.

I only bought one thing, which is this amazing little vintage beauty case out of faux leather. Isn't it pretty? It only has a few damaged points but all in all it's still in good condition. And it fits perfectly in my bedroom which I promise will be soon on the blog!

Have a nice sunday ♥